Short Term Orthodontics

Want to Fix Crooked or Gappy Teeth?

At Read and Watters we know that having crooked, misaligned or protruding teeth can cause you to lose confidence in your smile. Embarrassment about the look of your teeth can affect your overall self-confidence and how you interact with people.

Modern Solutions

Crowded and misaligned teeth can be difficult to clean properly, potentially leading to a build-up of plaque, decay and other dental health problems. But it doesn't have to be this way, we provide a range of treatments that can help improve your smile.

Orthodontics uses devices known as braces, comprising wires and brackets that apply gentle pressure to teeth over a period of time to move them into a particular position. Many people will picture metal wires and brackets that need to be worn for a long period of time, but orthodontics has advanced greatly in recent years, and modern orthodontic treatment is much quicker and more comfortable than it was in the past. Depending on the type and amount of correction needed, there are several discreet brace solutions available.

When you visit us for orthodontic treatment, you can rest assured you are in safe and capable hands. You will be treated by a caring and approachable team of skilled professionals, and will be given a thorough orthodontic assessment. Any proposed treatment will be explained to you in full and you'll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have before you start your treatment.

Orthodontics For All Ages

Many people falsely believe that orthodontic treatment is only for children and teenagers. In fact, orthodontic treatment can help patients of any age. Anyone who feels their teeth are not as straight as they would like should consult an orthodontist.

What can braces fix?

Crowded Teeth or overcrowding

This is when the teeth aren’t quite in the perfect alignment and need a number of movements to bring everything into line.

Overbite or increased overjet

This is where the top teeth overlap the lower teeth a little too far and have been pushed forward. This is sometimes corrected by moving the bottom and top teeth into line.

Underbite or reversed overjet

This is where the bottom teeth overlap the top teeth. This is sometimes corrected by moving the bottom and top teeth into line.


This is when there are gaps between the teeth that need closing. This is corrected by bringing all the teeth closer together.