Fees & Payment

NHS Treatments

NHS prices are set by the Scottish Government and are the same for every NHS dentist in Scotland.
To read more about dental services covered under the NHS in Scotland, and for a detailed price list – please click on the link below:


Read & Watters Private Fees

Fees correct as of 2022

General Dentistry Fee (£)
Examination / Oral Health assessment From £29
X-rays (small, intraoral) From £5
OPG Xray (full mouth) From £30
Emergency appointment (non registered patient) From £50
Teeth Whitening Fee (£)
Take Home whitening From £245
Fillings Fee (£)
Amalgam fillings (silver) From £58
Cosmetic (white / composite) fillings From £75
Root canal treatment anterior From £90
Root canal treatment posterior From £200
Crown / Bridges / Veneers Fee (£)
Crowns (per unit) From £350
Veneers (per unit) From £350
Bridge (per unit) From £350
Dentures Fee (£)
High Impact Acrylic (upper or lower) From £240
Metal Framework partial denture (upper or lower) From £350
Flexible Partial Denture From £490
Denture repairs / reline From £35
Other Services Fee (£)
Mouthguard From £50
Snoring Silensor From £350
Hygienist services Fee (£)
Simple teeth cleaning / scale and polish From £45
Implants Fee (£)
Consultation   Free
Simple extraction From £36.50
Single Tooth Implant From £2,500
Implant supported dentures From £3,750
Facial Aesthetic Services Fee (£)
Wrinkle Reduction Injections From £190
Dermal Fillers Injections From £160
Lips augmentation From £160

Payment Plan and Finance Options

We understand that dentistry can be a significant investment and financial considerations can sometimes be an obstacle to having the treatment you want. This  is why we offer a range of membership plans and finance options, to make your treatment as affordable as possible.

Practice Plan

At our practice we offer an option of Practice Plan Membership to our patients.

Membership ensures you have access to quality dental care, offers a simple and flexible way to pay for your treatment and encourages you to come and visit us regularly.

For a complete piece of mind we will provide you with a comprehensive programme of maintenance, prevention and treatment for a nominal monthly payment, starting from £ 12.50 per month.

What's included:

  • 2 x dental examinations per year
  • 2 x oral hygiene visits
  • 20 per cent off any necessary treatment (for sensitivity, fillings, root canal, crowns and dentures)
  • Worldwide emergency dental cover

How do I join?

  • Your dentist will check your dental health and determine your best membership plan. It will take only a few minutes to complete the application in the practice, and then you will be contacted by Practice Plan to set up Direct Debit for your monthly payment.
  • Worked example:

  • If you break a tooth and have it repaired with a white filling, your total treatment cost could be anything up to £294 if you are not a Practice Plan member. If you are a member and paying a monthly direct debit, the cost would be substantially cheaper at a cost of no more than £160.



    Normal Cost

    Practice Plan Cost

    Examination / Oral Health assessment






    Root canal treatment



    Tooth coloured filling



    Scale & polish (Hygienist)



    Total cost